Form for fetching installation files

This HTML page enables you to fetch files for installing QuizComposer on a Linux or UNIX server of your own.

You are expected have full access rights to the apropriate directories for such an installation and be able to write simple commands in a terminal window.

Start by reading the the file install.htm which explains what is required for a successful installation and how to proceed.

Then use your browser to fetch and store the two files



to the Document Root directory and the CGI (Common Gateway Interface) directory of your server, respectively.

Start a terminal window (or other appropriate program) for checking and setting access rights, for example 755 for install.htm and 700 for

Point your browser to install.htm on your server and enter the name of the parent directory for the QuizComposer files on your server, i.e. the software and the data (quizzes and questionnaires).

Click the button labelled INSTALL QUIZCOMPOSER. Hopefully, QuizComposer will be ready for use on your server.

If the process does not run as expected please consult the file install.htm.

The file install.tgz which contains the current version of the QuizComposer system is fetched automatically during the installation process.

If you prefer to carry out the installation process manually use the files manualinstall.htm and Both contain a detailed description of their installation and use.

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